Calvin Harris ft. Tinie Tempah
‘Drinking From the Bottle’ (2013) music video
Starring BRAD DOURIF!!

BRAD DOURIF .. as The Devil

BRAD DOURIF starred the music video of Calvin Harris ft. Tinie Tempah's DRINKING FRON THE BOTTLE.

The Directors are Vincent Haycock and AG Rojas. BRAD played the main role, THE DEVIL!

Calvin Harris ft. Tinie Tempah
Drinking From the Bottle (Sony Music)

Director: Vincent Haycock and AG Rojas
Production Co.: Somesuch & Co.
Starring Brad Dourif as the Devil
executive producer: Tash Tan
producer: Geoff McLean
Director of Photography: Steve Annis
Art director: Maxwell Orgell
Stylist: Marta Villalobos
Editor: Vincent Haycock
Commissioner: Dan Millar
Vince Haycock UK rep: Alexa Haywood at FreeAgent UK
AG Rojas rep: Caviar

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